Stefanos Poligenis

Greek guitar maker - luthier

Stefanos Poligenis learned from guitar maker Kolya Panhuyzen. He builds his guitars using proven and tested techniques (German construction), feels committed to traditional guitar making and is always open to new knowledge and ideas. "Every guitar is unique."

Currently in stock and for sale:

Stefanos Poligenis

Luthier Guitar

top: cedar latice
back, sides: rosewood
scale: 65 cm, year 2019
Top French polish

incl. 19% VAT € 5,900.00

The following instruments are in private hands and not for sale, but we look forward to offering you one of his guitars again soon

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Stefanos Poligenis Classical Luthier Guitar, cedar, rosewood, scale 65 cm, year 2017

Stefanos Poligenis Classical Guitar, cedar (lattice bracing), rosewood, scale 65 cm, year 2016